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Product Code : BY 107/001

 Security camera systems are now used for many different purposes. Preparation of the project, the creation of cabling and infrastructure, delivery of the system, problemsor malfunctions that may occur in our house is completely done for the support given.

What to consider installation of the camera system,
During the installation of camera systems, accessories and equipment in addition tothe quality of the device must be ed carefully. Security cameras in the imagecarrier devices, cable and accessories should be treated as a sensitive issue. In the long term we have a system to produce quality images and to become a seamlesssystem must pay attention to all the details.
Protecting the devices  external factors, maintaining the right environment, the devices seamlessly so many years of service to help the most important factor. Whilethe security camera preference, environment and expectation to be used must be determined precisely. Technical characteristics are not suitable environments,security cameras is the wrong choice, the result is not satisfactory.
An efficient way to use the camera for security and warning systems, please contact us.